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Strengthening International Safety Education Building a Safe and Harmonious Campus

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On the afternoon of September 5th, our college held a lecture on international security knowledge in the digital lecture hall. Participants included foreign affairs teaching and administrative staff and student volunteers from the School of Railway Communications&Signals and Electrification, foreign teaching staff from the School of General Education, personnel from the Security Department, Academic Affairs Department, and the Logistics and Infrastructure Management Office, and all members of the School of International Education.

In preparation for the arrival of Thai international students in 2023 and to further enhance the school's management of international security, as well as to improve the safety awareness and security skills of foreign teaching and administrative staff, the Office of Domestic and International Exchange and Cooperation invited Captain Zhou Jun from the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of the Wuhan Public Security Bureau to give a special lecture on international security knowledge. Deputy Captain Hu Yiwen, Officer Luo Ting, Auxiliary Officer Xiao Shengze, and the resident police officer from the Canglong Island Police Station in Jiangxia District, attended the lecture.

Captain Zhou Jun, in conjunction with case studies, delivered a lively lecture on international security knowledge for faculty and students, focusing on four aspects: unified planning, effective planning, standardized management, and political considerations. He emphasized the importance of recognizing the complexity and sensitivity of international affairs, systematizing work, strengthening the sense of responsibility among management entities, refining management in accordance with laws and regulations, and reinforcing hierarchical management.

During the interactive session, Captain Zhou Jun and Officer Hu Yiwen answered questions related to international management raised by teachers. They stressed the significance of solidifying and refining workflow processes, providing guidance and valuable suggestions for the management of Thai international students at our school in 2023.

After the meeting, Vice President Peng Kaiqin accompanied Captain Zhou Jun to inspect and provide guidance on our school's preparations for welcoming international students. Captain Zhou Jun conducted an on-site inspection of the dormitory arrangements and offered relevant suggestions. He also highly praised the various preparations made by our school for welcoming international students.

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