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Spring Prologue, China-Thailand Partner Colleges Compose New Music

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WRC successfully hosted Webinar on China-Thailand Joint Education of High-speed Rail Talents

On the afternoon of February 23, WRC held a webinar on China-Thailand joint education of high-speed railway talents, participated by Banphai Industrial and Community Education College (BPIC) and Nakhon Ratchasima Technical College (NTC). The webinar was held at three venues in Wuhan, Banphai, and Nakhon Ratchasima by video link. Cheng Shixing, WRC President, Bai Youlin, Deputy Party Secretary, He Chengcai, Director of School of Railway Locomotive and Vehicles (Chinese director of Luban High-speed Railway Institute), deans of relevant schools and directors of administrative offices attended the webinar in the conference room of WRC School of International Education. Dr. Junyar Pabu, BPIC Advisor, Dr.Bunjong Polkhun, BPIC Director and heads of relevant departments attended the webinar at Banphai venue. Dr. Tanapat Saengchan, NTC Director, Mr. Pannathat Pieankarn ,Vice Director and heads of relevant departments attended the webinar at Nakhon Ratchasima venue. Bai Youlin, Deputy Party Secretary, presided over the webinar, and Annie Wang, a Thai teacher of our school, acted as interpreter.

President Cheng Shixing first extended his joy and sincere greetings to old and new friends from BPIC and NTC in spring time. President Cheng reviewed the rich fruitions of the China-Thailand joint education program of high-speed rail talents and expressed his wish to push the program to a new height together with the Thai partner colleges. Dr.Bunjong Polkhun, BPIC Director, said that he hoped to smoothly push forward the tasks and deepen the cooperation with WRC in 2023. Dr. Tanapat Saengchan, NTC Director, articulated his strong wish to establish partnership with WRC, hoping that both sides can join hands to cultivate high-speed rail talents to serve the construction of China-Thailand Railway.

The webinar was followed by the extensive consultations among the attendees of Chinese and Thai colleges regarding the specific cooperation categories and work tasks in 2023. Consensus on the training of Thai railway personnel, training of Thai teachers, staff training of Thai railway enterprises, cultural exchanges of Thai students and other aspects was reached.

With the witness of all the participants, Cheng Shixing, WRC President and Dr. Tanapat Saengchan, NTC Director officially signed the Memorandum of Understanding.

Dr. Junyar Pabu, BPIC Advisor, concluded the webinar. He said that Thai colleges will discuss and connect the training programs shortly, in full preparation for the next step of "1+1" and "1+2" mode in training Thai high-speed rail talents.

Background Information:

Nakhon Ratchasima Technical College (NTC), located in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, is affiliated to the Office of Vocational Education Commission of the Ministry of Education of Thailand. NTC offers vocational education and undergraduate education (bachelor's degree) in fields including railway technology, industrial technology and commerce. NTC is awarded the honors of "Royal Award School" and "Excellent Model School". NTC focuses on the cultivation of students' skills and has close cooperation with enterprises.


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