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Achievements of WRC Luban High-speed Railway Institute Displayed in the International Education Cooperation Conference of The 22nd Conference on Overseas Chinese Pioneering and Developing in China

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On the afternoon of November 16, The 22nd Conference on Overseas Chinese Pioneering and Developing in China-- International Education Cooperation Conference was held at Wuhan East Lake International Conference Center, hosted by Hubei Provincial Government, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council and Wuhan Municipal Government and organized by Hubei Provincial Department of Education. Thai Banphai Industrial and Community Education College, the co-construction college of Luban High-speed Railway Institute, was invited to showcase the achievements of Luban High-speed Railway Institute by means of video recording.

The theme of this conference is Building Hubei into A New Height of Opening for Education in Central China, and it was conducted in the mode of online + offline. Wang Yongli, Vice President and Secretary General of China Education Association for International Exchange, Cheng Wu, Vice Minister of United Front Work Department of Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Yu Xuemin, Deputy Director General of Education Department of Hubei Province attended the conference and delivered speeches. Nearly 200 representatives from colleges and universities of more than 20 countries, Ministry-affiliated colleges and universities in Hubei, provincial colleges and universities and other institutions attended the conference. Sheng Wei, Deputy Director of  WRC Office of Domestic and International  Exchange and Cooperation attended the meeting.

During the video presentation, Dr. Junya Pabu, Advisor of Banphai Industrial and Community Education College, our Thai cooperative college, shared the experience of cooperation and exchange from the background and process of the two colleges, as well as the establishment of Luban High-speed Railway Institute and its educational achievements. Dr. Junya Pabu said that the Banphai Industrial and Community Education College and Wuhan Railway Vocational College of Technology have jointly trained high speed railway talents, conducted Thai teacher training and railway staff training, and built a "bridge of talents" for the China-Thailand railway.

In recent years, WRC has overcome the difficulties brought by the epidemic and adopted various forms to continue and maintain the good momentum of international cooperation and exchange. We have built a series of international online courses offered to international students, and been selected as the one of the batch member units of the World TVET League. WRC Luban High-speed Railway Institute has become one of the first eight Luban workshop conditional operation projects in China. To follow up, WRC will continue to open up new channels of international cooperation and exchange, improve the level of exchange, and provide strong support for the high-quality development of our college during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period and striving for the undergraduate level of vocational and technical university.

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