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2022 Thail vocationalcollegeteacher trainingkicked off smoothly

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On the afternoon of October 10, the opening ceremony of 2022 ThaiVocational College teacher training was successfully held in the conference room ofSchool ofInternationalEducation.Cheng Shixing, President,Bai Youlin,Deputy Party Secretary,Xia Dong,Dean of Academic AffairsDivision, Tao Lin,Director of Foreign AffairsDivision(Dean ofSchool ofInternationalEducation),heads of related secondary colleges and teacher representatives attended the ceremony.Attendees from Banphai Industrial and Community Education College(BPIC)includeDr. Bunjong Polkhun,Director,Mrs. Waranya Tangjaroenworakhun,Vice director,Mr. Kosol Lertlum,Vice director,Miss Orawan Srikew, Vice director,Mr. Khajondej Mitudom, Vice director, Mr.Thampaphon Ketnok, Director of Railway Transport system (ThaidirectorofHigh-speed Rail LubanInstitute) andall training participants.Bai Youlin, DeputyPartySecretary, presided over the opening session.Annie Wang,Thai teacherofWRC, acted as interpreter.

President Cheng Shixing said in his speech that over the years,WRCandBBPIChave practiced "China and Thailand are one family" with pragmaticactions, and have achieved fruitful resultsin bilateralexchange and cooperation.Cheng also pointed out that China and Thailand high-speed rail is a key project to buildBRI, and will further deepen the friendship between China and Thailand,thatbothcolleges should expand cooperation in the professionalorientationof thehigh-speed railtalent education. Hehopedthat this trainingwilldeepenThaivocational college teachers’ overall understanding of the railway personnel training,strengthening exchangesand mutual learning of both Chinese and Thaiteachers. Hewishedthis trainingwould be up tothe expected result.

Dr. Bunjong Polkhun,DirectorofBPIC, expressed histhanksto our school for its great attention and careful arrangement. He was very happy thatWRCorganizedthis training, so that the Thai teachers could further understand the professional knowledge of railway. He hoped that the teachers from Thailand could learn from the training and put what they have learned into practice in the future teaching.

Wei Yang, a teacher from the Railway Transportation ManagementSchoolofWRC, and Mr.Prasert Saengpoe,a representative of the participating teachers from Ayutthaya Technical College of Thailand, spoke successively as representatives of teachers andparticipants.Wei Yang, theWRCteacher, briefly introduced the main content of the training, hoping to learn from the Thai teachers and make progress together.Prasert Saengpoe, the representative of the participating teachers from Thailand, expressed his deep appreciation for the valuable training opportunity provided byWRC andBPIC.Hefoundthat the training content was rich and detailed through the classschedule. He hoped that he could come toWRCforstudy and exchange in the future.

After the opening session, Huang Chao, a teacher fromSchool ofRailway Locomotive andvehicles, started the first class of 2022 Thai vocational college teacher training, sharing andexplaining thecurriculumstandards of railwayvehiclestechnology with teachers from Thai vocational colleges. Thirty-four teachers from 14colleges in 11 provinces of Thailand have signed up for the training.

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