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WRC awarded "Excellent Curriculum Construction Unit" by China-Thailand Vocational Education Alliance

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On December 24th, China-Thailand Vocational Education Alliance 2020 Annual Meeting and China-Thailand Digital Education Resources Consultation, Construction and Sharing Conference were held in Chongqing. Sheng Wei, deputy director of Foreign Affairs Division of WRC, and Ai Jia, a teacher from Railway Rolling Stock School, attended the meeting.

Mr. Feng Junying, Educational Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Thailand, Mr. Monthon Parksuwan, Deputy Secretary-General of The State Council of Posts and Education of the Ministry of Education, Representatives from more than 70 member units of China-Thailand Vocational Education Alliance attended the conference in the form of webinar and at offline sub-venues in China and Thailand respectively. The meeting reviewed and approved the work summary of the Alliance in 2020, and released the construction status of the "Chinese + Vocational Skills" courses of the Chinese side of the Alliance in 2019-2020. WRC was awarded "Excellent Curriculum Construction unit" by the alliance. Mr. Ai Jia shared his experience on behalf of the curriculum construction team.




China-Thailand Vocational Education Alliance was established in April 2018. WRC is the vice president unit of the Alliance. The first group of 37 Vocational colleges and institutions of China and Thailand joined the alliance as member units. The purpose of the alliance is to promote the development of vocational education between China and Thailand and to strengthen the in-depth exchanges and cooperation between institutions and enterprises of the two countries. In 2019, 60 online courses from China and Thailand were approved of construction, three of which were WRC’s courses, namely, Structure of Urban Rail Transit Vehicle, PLC Programming and Application, English Tour Guide Service. The 3 courses were organized by Academic Teaching Office and completed by School of Railway Locomotives and Vehicles, School of electrification and automation and School of Economics and Management, being promoted for online teaching among Alliance members during the COVID-19 outbreak and being highly evaluated.


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