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Lecture given by Chancellor Lambert of PCC in WRC

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Lecture given by Chancellor Lambert of PCC in WRC



On the afternoon of June 19, Mr. Lee Lambert, Chancellor of Pima Community College, gave a lecture entitled The Future of Work and Learning to WRC teachers and students in Lineng Hall.


Chancellor Lambert, Professor, J.D. University of Seattle, Chairman of National Certification Center Alliance, Senior Adviser on National Laboratory Education Transition in the US, Member of American Council of Education, won Outstanding Personal Contribution of 2018 WFCP Awards of Excellence. He is committed to international exchanges and cooperation and actively promotes international student exchanges to broaden studentshorizon. The lecture was themed The Future of Work and Learning. Chancellor Lambert shared the education concept, degrees and certificates programs, online courses and the new mode of education in US colleges. He also analyzed the impact of cloud technology, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, mobile technology on the future employment prospects in China and the US and the call for educational reform.




The lecture was jointly hosted by the Human Resources Division and the Foreign Affairs Division. Teachers and students attending the lecture had a heated discussion with Chancellor Lambert on online courses, credit articulation between community college and university and etc.




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