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Webinar on Thai railway teacher training & China-Thailand joint training of high-speed railway talents program

successfully held in WRC

On the afternoon of November 13, the webinar on teacher training for Thai Railway and China-Thailand joint training program of high-speed railway talents was held in the conference room of International School. President Cheng Shixing, Mr. He Chengcai, director of School of Railway Locomotive and Vehicle (Chinese director of Luban High-speed Railway Institute), Xia Dong, director of Academic Affairs Office, Su Yunfeng, director of Academic Research Office, Tao Lin, director of Foreign Affairs Office, Liu Li, former director of Foreign Affairs and relevant teachers attended the webinar. The webinar was attended by Acting Sub Lt. Dr. Junyar Pabu, director of Thai Banphai Industrial and Community Education College, Mr.Tienchai Mooldamad, vice director of Banphai Industrial and Community Education College, Mr.Thampapon Ketnok, Thai director of Luban Institute, and the teacher representatives. The webinar was chaired by Liu Li and translated by Wang Xiaoli, Thai teacher.



President Cheng Shixing first joyously extended sincere greetings to the old friends of Banphai Industrial and Community Education College, and reviewed the cooperation and achievements of the two colleges in the past five years. He expressed the wish that the webinar would further deepen the bilateral cooperation and jointly promote the functions of the Luban Institute in talent training, teacher training and staff training of Thai railway enterprises.


Acting Sub Lt.Dr. Junyar Pabu, director of Banphai Industrial and Community Education College, said that there is a history of years for the international exchanges and cooperation between the two colleges, and in the post-epidemic era, the exchanges and cooperation of both colleges need to be continuously expanded and propelled. He briefly introduced the Thai side’s recent and future propsal of the railway teacher training and China-Thailand joint high speed railway talent project.


Subsequently, the two sides had in-depth discussions on teacher training for Thai railway program, China-Thailand joint training program for high-speed railway talents and joint education, teaching and research, and reached the following preliminary consensus.


Thailand hopes to arrange 40 students to study in WRC soon after the epidemic is over and adopt the "1+1" or "1+2" training mode. The Thai side has proposed to carry out the training of railway teachers in Thailand, which focuses on railway safety. WRC has responded to the scheme and plans to carry out the training online, for which the two sides have designated liaisons to further communicate and negotiate the specific training content and training plan after the meeting in store for early implementation. Both colleges will jointly conduct academic research and exchanges in such aspects as the training mode, talent training plan, teacher team construction and practical training base construction of high-speed railway. The two sides also discussed other issues.


The webinar innovated a new mode of international exchange and cooperation between Chinese and Thai colleges in the post-epidemic period, and provided new ideas and methods for improving the international exchange level of WRC and expanding international exchange programs and platforms.


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